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ÌFÉ | BEMBE SHIRT | Discos Ifá 2019


Bembe Oyá!!! 💀👻👑🌪🌫🍆🍩🌈🎭9️⃣

Taken from B. Windsor Smith's classic Uncanny X-Men LIFEDEATH 2 cover art, this shirt presents Storm as the modern day Oyá Yansa. Owner of the winds of change, tornadoes, hurricanes, keeper of the cemetery gates, the mother of 9.

"The Uncanny X-Men was my favorite monthly comic book as a young reader, and Storm was probably the first Black super hero that I was exposed to. This Windsor Smith image comes from a two part Storm centered story printed in the mid 80's called LIFEDEATH 1 & 2. The art work for both books was beautifully drawn and portrayed an 80's punk rock style Storm who had lost her powers but was still the leader of the X-Men, heading up the super hero team as a young black female with no more powers than you or I. It was inspiring writing and by a particularly strong Marvel team.

Now as an older reader and a Yoruba Religious practitioner I've come back to this series and been able to see it from a few new angles, enjoying Storm as a manifestation of Oyá and meditating on the dualities presented in both of these landmark books." - Otura Mun

Designed by ÌFÉ's Otura Mun and printed in Puerto Rico on soft white Gilden Tees. Get yours today!!